Monthly Summary – October 2016



October was going along fine until it wasn’t anymore. After 10.5 years, Charlie’s heart gave out and he passed away last Friday, October 28. We are heart-broken. He’d been dealing with a heart condition for a few years, so while we knew he wasn’t totally “healthy”, his death came suddenly and shocked us to the core. It’s been three days and I still can’t believe it. I miss him terribly. For 10.5 years, Charlie was a constant companion, best friend, nighttime cuddler, great big brother and unyielding protector to Gus and sweetheart to anyone he met along the way (especially if he could get a belly scratch out of it). We were so fortunate to have him be a part of our lives.


Charlie with Elizabeth in Vermont 7-2006

Chase is great and has been a bright and strong ray of sunshine for us over the past few days. While he might be a little confused about Charlie’s absence, he is fortunate to not understand the loss. Charlie took to Chase right away and Chase was fascinated with Charlie. I always imagined that Chase and Charlie would be best buddies. Someday, we’ll show Chase pictures and videos of Charlie and tell him about our first “child”.


I ran well and consistently during October and posted my second highest month in terms of mileage this year and my highest in elevation gain. I feel good and am running pretty strong. Sometimes I think about how I could have spent less time running and more time with Charlie (and Chase?), but I know that’s not fair to myself. We gave Charlie a wonderful life and more attention than a puppy could ever dream.

Here’s October by the numbers:

Swim: 4,022 meters
Cycling (outdoors): 0 miles (I should just stop tracking this, but still remain hopeful that I’ll ride again someday…)
Run: 194.1 miles
Total Run Elevation Gain: 32,420 feet
Strength Training/Yoga: 1 session
Approximate monthly total training time: 32.25 hours
Weight: high 150’s (actually closer to 160 according to the hospital scale a couple weeks ago!)

2 thoughts on “Monthly Summary – October 2016”

  1. Michael Diehl says:

    Hi Josh, I came across your blog as I was looking for photos of this years Whoo’s in El Moro. Looking over all your races, you are a bad ass! Amazing stuff. I was looking at 50 milers to run (first one, only done 50K in the past) in Seattle area. I saw the Whitewater 50 that you did on Ultrasignup. Is that a total beatdown? Looks intense.

    Your son is adorable and I am soooo sorry about your dog. I wish you the best.

    Thank you,


    1. spector_admin says:

      Thanks Michael! White River 50 is a great race. It’s a beautiful area, super well-organized and a pretty easy drive from Seattle (at least I don’t remember it being a long drive). The course is pretty challenging, but I like “challenging” courses – they build character (or something like that)! You get an amazing view of Mt. Ranier at some points during the race. I’m sure you’d really enjoy it. Go for it!
      Happy New Year!

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