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Training for the Badwater 135 mile Endurance Race

When do endurance athletes everywhere find that window of time to fit in their training?

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Chase and J july

Monthly Summary – July 2016

Another month where my only post is this monthly summary. (At least I’m still writing the monthly summary though, I guess.) Training and life these days are mostly about routine and that routine doesn’t involve much to write about. So, I don’t write. Still though, 191 miles and 27,000 feet of elevation gain made July my biggest month of running…

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Chase naked June

Monthly Summary – June 2016

June was a good month. Chase is growing and changing and becoming more fun on an almost daily basis. Between months 4 and 5, he’s become so aware of his surrounding. You can almost see his mind working to figure out things like how to get a toy just out of his reach or what…

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Charlie and Chase

Monthly Summary – May 2016

Chase will be 4 months old in 2 days. And oh, man, this kid is awesome. Gus is still not sure, but Charlie and Chase are becoming good buddies! He’s a lot of work (duh) but no matter how tough of a night we have, when I go to get him out of his crib…

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Chase with Charlie at 2 mos

Monthly Summary – April 2016

Chase will be three months old in a couple days. Three months! It feels like I turned around and he’s all of a sudden a big (relatively speaking of course) boy who plays with toys and reacts to specific people and smiles and laughs (sort of). These Monthly Summary posts are nominally about my training…

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Chase w Gus 3-17

Monthly Summary – March 2016

    Well, we survived month #2 with baby. It hasn’t been easy and there have been times when one or both of us just wanted to throw our hands in the air and leave him for Charlie and Gus to raise (Charlie would at least try), but Chase has also been a lot of…

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Chase 2-27-16

Monthly Summary – February 2016

February was quite a month. There was a ton packed into those 29 days. And it all went by in a flash. Of course, the biggest news was the birth of our son, Chase Mekhi. It’s been a pretty crazy ride these last four weeks. Every time I think we might be getting into a little…

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