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these challenged athletes who, like me, want to participate in athletics and feel the rush of competition. Join me in my efforts to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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Training for the Badwater 135 mile Endurance Race

When do endurance athletes everywhere find that window of time to fit in their training?

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Monthly Summary – December 2016

I was feeling a little run-down at the beginning of December and a bit bored of running. I still needed to run and climb a fair amount to meet my 2,000 mile and 275,000 feet of climbing goals for the year, but was worried that just getting out and running would be a struggle. I…

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Monthly Summary – November 2016

I actually ran a race! It was my first race since the Ventura Half Marathon all the way back in January. We had originally planned to go on our usual trip to Wainscott for Thanksgiving, but when that got cancelled (see below), I decided to sign up for the Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot 15k. It’s a…

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Monthly Summary – October 2016

  October was going along fine until it wasn’t anymore. After 10.5 years, Charlie’s heart gave out and he passed away last Friday, October 28. We are heart-broken. He’d been dealing with a heart condition for a few years, so while we knew he wasn’t totally “healthy”, his death came suddenly and shocked us to the…

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Monthly Summary – September 2016

(Baldy playing at the gym) After my Mulholland 85k at the end of August, I struggled a bit to start running again. My legs were heavy for a week, but thankfully, I didn’t have any aches or pains and physically, I recovered really quickly (probably because of all the walking I did toward the end). On the other…

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10 years

My first post on this blog was 10 years ago today. (Look at how grown up we are now!) I didn’t know how often I would write, what I would really write or where the blog would go. Through 809 posts, the blog has followed me through a lot of adventures and life experiences, including…

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Monthly Summary – August 2016

In August, for the first time in what feels like forever, I went for a run really worth writing about. I just posted a recap of my Mulholland 85k. It was fun and really hard. Other than that, August was my usual training, plus my first run at Los Liones since Chase was born (with Chamoun),…

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